March 25, 2019.


In partnership with the City of Menifee's Economic Development Department and Jimmy Fu-tography, we are proud to present our newest weekly series, project #MenifeeMonday. As we showcase images from around the city (courtesy of Jimmy Fu-tography), we will make the case that a Menifee Monday is unlike any other Monday found anywhere else. We will aim to highlight, encourage and inspire a beginning of the work week enthusiasm amongst the city's workforce who continue to contribute to the incredible growth that this city has been experiencing.

Our goal as a business is to practice and encourage a socially conscious and positive business culture, as well as growth with integrity, hence our choice to be located in a city that shares those views. We believe this project would be a great start to that journey and hope that you will join us.

On this first Monday of spring, let us embrace our booming, blooming city and the people who make it so. We encourage you to look for the #MenifeeMonday on the major social media networks, and contribute your own thoughts and experiences on what motivates your Monday in this great city of ours. Utilize #MenifeeMonday to tell your story and share your inspirational thoughts and images.

We look forward to hearing about your #MenifeeMonday.


Wishing you happiness,
George Benjamin
Founder & CEO
BenBen Media

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